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New Video

Today - Mother's Day - I am excited to publish my new music video of Cláudio Santoro's 3rd 'Paulistana' for solo piano, dedicated to my mum, and set to clips of our old home videos.

2019 also marks the birthday centenary of this special Brazilian composer.

Starring (in order of appearance): my father, John Glaisher, Me, my mother, Maria Nieves Glaisher, my uncle Harold, my cousin, Neftali Madrigal, my sister, Madeleine Glaisher, my auntie Magda Hernández Febles, my sister, Jane Houldsworth, my brother, Mik Glaisher, my playmate, Suzie, my sister, Caroline Cornish, my grandmother, Martina Febles, my grandfather, Jesús Hernández, my brother Paul Glaisher Hernández...and the great Yorkshire countryside. Thank you to James Bacon for recording the audio, and to Paul Glaisher Hernández for helping me with the video editing. ***WARNING*** Uncensored !! This film contains explicit images of me in my underwear and scenes of unbridled sentimentality. Unsuitable viewing for anyone with a low cuteness threshold.

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