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Echoes Festival Website Launched

Helen is delighted to announce the launch of her new website for Echoes Festival:

Designed by Helen, the website makes a feature of video backgrounds showing different locations in the Luso-Hispanic world, from Mexico's Yucatan coast to the Brazilian rainforest, and the Iguazú Falls bordering on Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The concept behind this format echoes the mindset of the Festival's intention to illuminate Iberican music to non-Iberican audiences by setting within its various geo-cultural contexts.

Visitors to the website can also hear an introductory music track by the virtuoso Venezuelan pianist, Clara Rodríguez, performing Villa-Lobo's 'Plantio do caboclo' recorded live at Echoes Festival 2016. Other audio/video clips for the festival's 1st edition are also available to view.

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