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Official Launch of the 'PanAmericana' Project at Barbican's Milton Court Concert Hall on

Helen is very excited to announce the official launch of a project which has been a long time in the making: 'PanAmericana' will see its first full performance in London at the Barbican's Milton Court Concert Hall on 29th October as part of Echoes Festival 2017.

'PanAmericana' is an artistic response to developments in current political affairs in the USA, and in the Americas and the globalised 21st-century world more broadly. The programme features classical music from the USA, Canada and five Latin American countries, tracing hemispherical cultural connections from New York to Buenos Aires, in an attempt to breach political and ideological 'walls' and foster cross-cultural understanding.

The project is inspired by the early-20th-century Panamericanist movement which found its greatest expression in Roosevelt's Good Neighbor Policy, as spearheaded in classical music by the American composer Aaron Copland and the Mexican composer Carlos Chávez.

The realization of this project also owes much to the longstanding collaboration between Helen and her Los Angeles Duo partner, the American soprano Christin Wismann, who will be performing in this event with Helen, alongside the celebrated Portuguese tenor Luis Gomes, the Latin Classical Chamber Orchestra and Talentos Columbian Dance Group.

For more details about this project please visit the PROJECTS page.

To BOOK tickets please visit the Echoes Festival website at

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