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Lanzarote Ensemble Debut at St Paul's Covent Garden

I am honoured to be organising this gorgeous upcoming event at St Paul's Covent Garden on behalf of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, where the vivacious Lanzarote Ensemble will offer an evening of musical folly and indulgence on the 14th March as they make their UK debut.

Featuring the work Salieri once described as conveying ‘God’s voice on Earth’, Mozart’s iconic 'Serenade No. 10', this sumptuous programme also includes a UK premiere by the ensemble’s founder and director, Ayoze Rodríguez, entitled 'Variaciones sobre las folías'; an expansive journey from the famous ‘folías de España’ of the Spanish Renaissance, through to the Baroque and beyond, to the contemporary folk folías of the composer’s native Canary Islands.

The Lanzarote Ensemble is an exciting new chamber orchestra established to showcase the very best classical talent of this enchanting and vibrantly musical island.

For tickets and more information please visit:

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