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Eduardo Martín & Ahmed Dickinson at guitarrísimo

Fr the next installment in the guitarrísimo series organised by Helen for ILAMS in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes, Cuban guitarists Eduardo Martín and Ahmed Dickinson join forces in a programme of Martín's own works.

Eduardo Martín’s style has an expansive sense of freedom that taps into pre-Columbian traditions, jazz, flamenco, pop, Afro and traditional Cuban music. The guitar is his favored instrument to mirror the melodic and rhythmic facets of the Americas’ cultural diversity. Ahmed Dickinson Cárdenas took lessons with Eduardo in Cuba, and their friendship and musical empathies have since grown to form a unique project. This recital offers an introduction to of some of Martin’s most alluring works for two guitars, where rock merges with son montunos; old Yoruba chants, feel-good rumbas, funk-boleros, new-age tunes and cinematic pieces sit alongside Cuban tumbaos with slap bass.

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